Ways to Wake Up and Be Energised

Picture this: the alarm buzzes four times before you reach over and hit the snooze button, groaning. Ten minutes later, you’re trudging out of bed with your eyes half-closed.

Unlike morning people, most others face similar difficulties when getting out of bed in the morning. If you are struggling with drowsiness and exhaustion at the beginning of the day, here are some helpful tips you could use to gain more energy:

  • Exercise – Physical activity has been proven to release more energy and aid focus and productivity throughout the day. Morning workouts, therefore, may be helpful in waking you up and providing a strong start! Ranging from more light exercise like yoga to a high-intensity aerobics workout, a number of choices would help get rid of any morning grogginess.
  • Breakfast – After six to eight hours of rest, the body requires a boost to provide energy for further activities. This is why a substantial, filling breakfast is an essential requirement in the morning.
  • Caffeine – For an extra kick to get you started, coffee is usually the preferred beverage. If coffee is not your favourite drink, caffeine pills are another option to try. A food additive used as a replacement for caffeinated beverages, caffeine pills are said to be better for health. However, caution must be used since these concentrated pills of caffeine increase the danger of an overdose.
  • Sunlight – Opening the windows or going out for a walk would also be a wise option. Natural light is said to invigorate the mind, and dispel drowsiness. The fresh air also aids this process, and the cool morning weather leaves one feeling fresh and lively.
  • Meditation – While this may sound too laid-back to wake you up, it is actually the opposite. Quiet, slow breathing and relaxation exercises help develop focus and a calm mindset. This also increases productivity for the rest of the day.

So next time you find it difficult to keep your eyes open in the morning, you know what to do!

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