Healthy Delicious No-cook Salads

Have you ever had one of those days when you just do not feel like turning on that stove and cooking a meal? We’ve all been there, and on those days, some of the best raw foods are salads, which usually only require chopping, tossing and serving! Not to mention, most of them are low-calorie and incredibly nutritious.

However, if you eat salads often, then you have probably had your fill of lettuce and cabbage in salads. Most salads just include a ton of lettuce and not much flavour! Here are some ideas for using some unconventional veggies to make delicious salads, without even getting the frying pan out!

  • Beetroot – Salads made from beetroots can be quite versatile. Tried and tested flavour combinations include the addition of avocado, asparagus or carrots. Walnuts also pair really well with beetroots. Additionally, adding feta or goat’s cheese gives a beetroot salad the perfect salty flavour too.
  • Broccoli – Delicious when seasoned well, broccoli can be used with a combination of vegetables like carrots, bell peppers and beetroots. While many broccoli salads are dressed with mayo, you could also use blended-up cashews as a dressing! Adding raisins for sweetness and nuts or seeds for crunch can take broccoli salads to the next level of flavour! If you do not mind grilling some veggies, grilled broccoli salad is another option to try.
  • Beans – Bean salad may sound unfamiliar and confusing, but with the right combination of flavours, it is definitely delicious! A combination of kidney beans, black beans and cannellini beans is usually recommended. Adding salt, a squeeze of lime and some spice in the form of cayenne pepper or chilli powder provides the perfectly seasoned salad.
  • Cucumber – Really simple to peel, chop and use, cucumbers come in handy for a quick salad option. Tomatoes, onions, green chillies and cucumber make a really light, simple salad. Adding yoghurt to this combination makes the dish a cooling accompaniment to a rice dish or flatbread too.

So if you find yourself getting tired of the classic head of lettuce in your salads, give these other veggies a go!

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